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Protection. Prevention. Mitigation.

March 26-28, 2024
Peppermill Resort
Reno, Nevada

Wildfire activity will soon be picking up… plan to attend the Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) conference in Reno, NV before it strikes! Learn how to minimize and manage threats in the WUI.

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This conference offers three essential tracks to ensure you and your team get everything you need in preparation to face the wildfire challenges ahead.

  • Get the latest on fire-adapted communities, resilient landscapes, operations and suppression.
  • Hear about the most up-to-date wildland fire policy & tools from the frontline.
  • Understand the best and latest strategies for quick reaction forces and wildfire evacuation planning.
The WUI conference brings you the latest in education, professional development, technology, policy and more.

Additional topics include:
  • Risk assessment
  • Corrective mitigation measures
  • WUI fire mitigation
  • Effective community wildfire mitigation
  • Wildland management
  • Facing wildfire hazard mitigation challenges
  • Public information and warnings
  • Emergency notification technologies
  • Landowner education
  • Community wildfire defense grants

Excited for the 2024 WUI conference? Arrive early to take advantage of our pre-conference sessions.